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Invest in Southeast Michigan’s Booming Senior Living Market with Brookwood Estates Fenton!

Passive 8% preferred income*
Projected 16% - 21% IRR*

At Brookwood Estates Fenton Senior Living, we invite you to embark on an exciting investment journey that combines the potential of substantial returns* with the booming senior living market in Southeast Michigan. With a focus on providing exceptional care, comfort, and quality of life for our residents, we present a unique opportunity for investors to be part of a thriving industry.

Join the Boom: Tap into the Thriving Senior Living Market in Southeast Michigan

The senior living industry is experiencing remarkable growth in the Southeast Michigan region. With an aging population and a rising demand for high-quality senior care, this market presents an incredible opportunity for investors seeking both financial success and meaningful impact.

By investing in Brookwood Estates Fenton Senior Living, you can take advantage of a proven management team with ’over 80 years experience.


Our experienced team is currently developing five Senior Living projects in Southeast
Michigan. We are positioned to bring over 1,000 units online in the next three years.

Our Focus on Brookwood Fenton

Estimated completion value

$84M - $101M

Square feet of projected density

1,240 per unit

Cash-on-Cash Return (CoC)

12.9% - 16.4%

Internal Rate of Return (IRR)

16% - 21%

Preferred passive income


* While we strive to present accurate and reliable financial projections, there can be no assurance that any of the assumptions in the projections outlined above will be accurate. The projections are subject to inherent limitations and are based on information available at the time of their preparation. They may be affected by subsequent developments or changes that were not anticipated.

Market Opportunity

Building Communities to Meet Growing Demand

Senior living is not just a trend, it is a long-term market poised for significant growth. By investing in Brookwood Estates Fenton Senior Living, you can join the ranks of forward-thinking investors who recognize the immense potential of this sector.

Benefit from the demographic shifts, changing lifestyles, and increasing demand for specialized senior care services. Be part of an investment that promises a prosperous future while contributing to the wellbeing of our cherished senior community.

Addressing Gaps in Supply

With a quarter of Michigan residents being 60+ in age, the demand for senior housing in the U.S. is projected to grow by grow by more than 25% over the next decade, according to The Joint Center for Housing Studies.

Michigan has a relatively low supply of senior housing units compared to other states with similar demographics, signaling a market shortage with increasing demand.

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Benefit From Rising Home Values and a Proven Successful Business Model

The long-term opportunity is attractive for potential investors looking to diversify their portfolios and hedge against inflation.

The 2022 median home value in the 10-mile Primary Market Area (PMA) was $298,936 and projected to increase by $31,000 over the next five years.

This increase in home value will remain stronger than in the rest of Michigan and the U.S., making it a favorable, long-term real estate investment.

Similar projects around Michigan charge above $3,000 in rent per month. Our business model is far more conservative using more than a 10% contingency with a $2,600 lease target.


All five of our developments are located in quiet, peaceful communities
that include essential services and attractions nearby.



Brookwood Fenton

Location: Fenton, Michigan
Total Units: 224 + 1 Club House
Status: Approved Building Permit,
Under Construction
Completion Value: $82M


Brookwood Taylor

Location: Taylor, Michigan
Total Units: 60
Status: Under Construction
Completion Value: $24M

Brookwood Van Buren

Location: Van Buren, Michigan
Total Units: 134
Status: Under Construction
Completion Value: $60M

Coming Soon

Brookwood Superior Ann Arbor


Brookwood Estates is an American/Israeli partnership between two companies SBYC (American/Israeli) and GPM (U.S.-based).
The partnership brings together expertise in real estate initiation, financing, and Single-Family Resident (SFR) management.


Part of the Global Property Marketplace family of companies, GPM is a global leader in property management, overseeing the operation of $450M in real estate assets with offices in Israel, New York, Michigan, and Indiana.


Over 15 years of experience in locating, managing, and selling real estate investments across the U.S.
Considered an SFR leader in the Midwest U.S, with 900 SFRs bought and rehabbed through 2018-2024 and hundreds SFRs currently under management in Michigan.


Brookwood Estates owns 4 Diamond Conco, a construction company that brings over 50 years of proven experience in land development and construction.

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Golan Sapir

Danny Beydoun

Shlomo Baranovski

Gordon Dionne

Aaron Cox


Maximize Your Investment Potential
with Brookwood Fenton

We’re building better communities through our proven, long-term development
model that targets reliable and attractive returns.

Internal Rate of Return (IRR)

16% - 21%

Return on Investment (ROI)

20% - 26%

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